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Subtitles for videos, TV News & webinars (subtitling standards CEA-608 or CEA-708).

ECO-MAG (sous-titrages Français et Allemand)
Restaurant Le moissonier (French subtitles)
TV Shopping (Chinese subtitles)
Magnit (German subtitles)
HDI Global SE (German subtitles)
IP Directions (English subtitles)
Aertech (English subtitles)
Autodesk (English subtitles)
Boulland DPM (English subtitles)
Brodex innovation (English subtitles)
Bruker Alicona (English subtitles)
Creaform (English subtitles)
DI Signal Analysis (English subtitles)
DS Color (English subtitles)
Emuge Franken (English subtitles)
E-Nergie (English subtitles)
Hebeco Plastic (English subtitles)
Inuse (English subtitles)
Igus (English subtitles)
Karcher (English subtitles)
Perfect Innovation (English subtitles)
Precise (English subtitles)
Mecanolave (English subtitles)
Salvagnini (English subtitles)
Sikiwis (English subtitles)
Spaleck industrie (English subtitles)
Stimshop (English subtitles)
Tikaway (English subtitles)
Visiativ (English subtitles)
Wavely (English subtitles)

Multilingual Supervision and Localization for videos, audio guides, E-learnings and all types of audio recordings.

TOTAL (audio production in German and Dutch versions)
Royal Belgian Institute Space Aeronomy (audio production in English version)
E-sport Mobile App (supervision of 7 voice artists – audio in German version)
FibroScan (audio production in American version)
Paxter (audio production in French version)
Cartier (audio production in American version)
SoClean (audio production in French version)
Salomon (audio production in American version)
IMAX Cinema (audio production in French version)
Framatome (audio production in English version)
Smoking Stopper (audio production in English version)
The association Don du Sang (audio production in French version)
LACROIX Sofrel (audio production in Italian and Spanish versions)
Haras du Maury (audio production in English version)
Bourbon (audio production in American version)
Banque BNP PARIBAS (audio production in English and Spanish versions)
Sodexo (audio production in English version)
EJ – East Jordan Iron Works (audio production in German version)
Sofrel – S4W (translation & audio production in Italian and Spanish versions)
ASTUS (audio production of the English version)
Xpulz | XPulse Portal – Gamers (translation,audio production in Italian version)
IndiGo (translations, audio production in Mandarin and Cantonese versions)
WIEW (supervision & audio production in Dutch and English versions)
Beauvallet (audio production in English and Spanish versions)
IP Directions (supervision & audio production in English version)
SafetyTurk (supervision of voice actors & audio production in Turkish version)
FABERLIC (audio production in French, Italian, German and Spanish versions)
Cut & Protect (Audio production in English version)